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I Am Presence:
Cutting-Edge Metaphysics

“I Am Presence is the vehicle with which we exit the space-time labyrinth” – Almine

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Almine describes the role of those who gravitate towards the cutting edge metaphysics released via I Am Presence

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the ever-new flow of Revelation

As received by Almine in Bridge of No Time
“At the beginning of the summer of 2014, an additional three sets of runes presented themselves. As I translated their meanings from the ancient glyphs, I became aware that the totality of all seven sets represented the Seven Fields of Perception, the Seven Dimensions available to man. They were the devices used to interpret messages from these fields for an individual’s guidance.”

“The Seven Fields had been studied and accessed through the ages by means of specific disciplines: Shamanism, Incorruptible Magic, Healing with light and frequency (Belvaspata), Mysticism, Metaphysics, the study of activating Godhood and the ever-new flow of Revelation.”

“The 672 Runes (7 x 96) represent the inner senses of an evolved being. The art of the Rune master is to activate the senses of inner space and use their guidance for action in outer realities. The master also clears and uses the seven outer senses available to a conscious being.”

How to Prepare

I Am Presence represents the so-called Living Library, the Ever-new Flow of Revelation; it is the 7th Level of Perception. Ideally you walk its journey from beginning to end, but at the very least you’ll require November and December to cultivate Inner Space & prepare for becoming Grandmaster of the Runes.

Through the Eyes of the Seer